Why is it important to set the right price? – NEZÁVISLÝ REALITNÍ MAKLÉŘ – DAGMAR BÁČOVÁ

Why is it important to set the right price?

Setting the right price is key to a successful sale.
However, it may be a tough nut to crack without knowing the local real estate market.

If you set you price too low, you may sell your property quickly, but you will not be happy about it. On the other hand, if you set your price too high, you may end up having difficulty selling your property, no matter how wonderful it is.

This is why I offer online valuation of your property. This fast and flexible service will show you the position of your property on the market. Thanks to this, you will get the price of your property right at the beginning – just send me a few details via email. Based on these data, I will prepare an asking price estimate, so that you can start selling your property.

No matter whether you sell a flat or a house in Prague, Prague-East, Prague-West, Kolín or Kutná Hora region - I know this market like the back of my hand.
I am aware of factors influencing prices of local properties and I can use this knowledge to help you sell your property.

Would you like a more detailed valuation?

We can meet up, discuss all the details and we will set the price estimate. You will then be sure that the price of your property is maximized and you will sell your property in the shortest time possible.