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  • Václav Dastych

    I would like to thank Mrs. Báčová for a perfect work and service she provided selling my property in Nepoměřice. She was always on time for meetings, willing to answer any questions and most importantly always available on the phone or in person. If asked, which real estate agent I would recommend, I will always give only one name – Dagmar Báčová.

    Václav Dastych
    Kutná Hora
  • Josef Vokřál

    At first I did not want to sell my property using a real estate agency services, but then my friend recommended Mrs. Báčová, who provided complete assistance in selling my property. She is what I call a professional. She explained everything and answered all my questions. Her people-oriented attitude is what I appreciate the most. She arranged the sale from A to Z, I did not have to do anything since signing the contract. Mrs. Báčová took care of everything. All I had to do was invest the money I had received. Thank you for a pleasant cooperation.

    Josef Vokřál
    Kutná Hora
  • Lenka Hetfleischová

    I would like to thank Mrs. Dagmar Báčová for great job and immaculate service she provided selling my property in the Roztěž area. She arranged and finalized everything successfully and in requested time. I highly recommend her work and people-oriented attitude.

    Lenka Hetfleischová
  • Josef Opasek

    Art makes knowledge a pleasure” as they say and it is true in real estate business, too. Mrs. Dagmar not only knows her business well but using her personal attitude she managed to enrich her profession with a bit of “art” as well. Thank you, Dáša!

    Josef Opasek
    director and owner of Label Ltd., Kutná Hora
  • Hana Ulmanová

    Real estate agent Dagmar Báčová was recommended to us. I can say without any hesitation that our cooperation was smooth and professional. Mrs. Báčová is a hard-working  person and she completed our business successfully – although it was not an easy one -  which I very much appreciate.

    Hana Ulmanová
  • Jana

    I would like to thank our real estate agent, Mrs. Báčová. Because of various circumstances we had to sell our house. As a result, we got to know a few real estate companies and agents we did not have good experience with. However, when we got to know Mrs. Báčová, our situation took a new turn. I am happy to recommend Mrs. Báčová to all my friends or anyone who needs any help in real estate business. Mrs. Báčová is a very kind person, ready to help with anything, including legal advice or recommendation on official matters. If I ever need any help or advice I will definitely contact Mrs. Báčová, as I can rely on her as a professional as well as a person. A big thank you, Mrs. Báčová.

    Kutná Hora

Sold Properties

A spacious house with a large garden in Roztěž. The house is partially refurbished. A one-bedroom flat with a kitchen corner is ready to be used immediately. Other premises needed refurbishing. A part of the large garden has been turned into a relax zone. There is a 400 m2 natural swimming pool fitted with circulation and water treatment facility. An original outbuilding is also part of the property. (2017)
An office lease with parking spaces in the centre of Kutná Hora, Česká street. 4 offices (73 m2), 2 bathrooms and a kitchenette included. The price includes parking and cleaning services.
A non-residential property in the centre of Líbeznice. It includes a couple of adjoining buildings (1640 m2) on the property of 2970 m2. It may be used for a small-scale production, craft production, production or non-production services on condition that the operation widoes not disturb the neighbourhood. Needed refurbishing. 5 minutes away from Prague. Sold for 7,500,000 CZK. (2017)
A sale of a first-republic villa in Strašnice neighbourhood, Prague. The villa has one underground and two overground floors and an attic. Needed refurbishing. All utilities available – electricity, water, sewerage and gas. Total size of property is 652 m2. Sold for 17,200,000 CZK. (2014)
A sunny plot of land in residential development in Říčany u Prahy, Radošovice. The plot is completely connected to networks (electricity, water mains and sewerage). A quite area near Jureček swimming pool. Total area of 1046 m2. Sold for 4,400,000 CZK. (2017)
A sale of terraced houses with gardens and parking spaces in Církvice near Kutná Hora. Blocks of four houses, each with its own entrance and a garden. Two-bedroom flats (101 m2) or three-bedroom flats (105 m2). Connected to all networks. Size of plots between 250 and 550 m2. A school, nursery school, shops and services available in the village. Good connection to Kutná Hora (5 km) and Čáslav (4 km). (2013-2016)
A three-bedroom house with a garden and a garage in Zruč nad Sázavou. Situated in a neat, quite neighbourhood on the outskirts of the town, built in 1980s. Available networks: water mains, sewerage, electricity, gas. Total size of plot is 735 m2, built-up area is 111 m2. Heating either by a gas boiler or a solid fuel boiler. Water heated by an electric boiler. Sold for 1,900,000 CZK. (2011)
A 740 m2 plot of land in Šestajovice, Prague-East region. Sold for 2,550,000 CZK. (2011)